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Weird coffee mugs

20+ Ugly, Unusual and Unique Coffee Mugs

Art and design always attracts people if it contains something catchy and unique. Collecting unique and rare designs of different things is a passion for many people. In the international market, dozens of excellent designs are available for various forms of art. Unique Coffee Mugs having intricate designs on them is still attractive to the eyes of many art appreciators out there.

Many designs of Coffee mugs are now available on internet to choose from, making it a difficult job to select what would be the best for your household. However, some of the great designs may appeal to you depending on your taste. Designers are producing all kinds of attractive designs on these which sometimes may not look on the first sight but later may appeal to you if you have a closer look.

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Sometimes it is actually fun to pick out those designs which are not so elegant looking, but still will get you a lot of appreciation from your friends and family. Others may provide you with great comfort in enjoying the beauty of these designs on coffee mugs which you cannot find elsewhere.


Beast coffee mugs


Belching coffee mugs


Caricature coffee mugs


Cthulhu coffee mugs


dental coffee mugs


Grouchy coffee mugs


grumpy coffee mugs


Grumpy Morning coffee mugs


illustrated Sculpted coffee mugs

Mr 5 o’clock

Mr 5 o clock coffee mugs

Mr Stress

Mr Stress coffee mugs


Ogre coffee mugs


Really happy coffee mugs

rotting zombie

rotting zombie coffee mugs


Snarl coffee mugs


The Creep coffee mugs

Ugly coffee mugs

Ugly coffee mugs

unique coffee mugs

unique coffee mugs


Unusual coffee mugs

upside down

upside down coffee mugs


Weird coffee mugs


zombie coffee mugs

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