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The Stone Forest of Meteora – Greece

In central Greece, at the end of Thessaly, gigantic rocks rise to form a spectacular  stone forest. They are called Meteora where ‘meteor’ means hanging in the sky and ‘ora’ means mountain. The formation of the cones and rocks has always fascinated geologists and historians all over the world. Geologists believe that the spires of stones are over sixty million years old. The corrosion by the wind and rain of the rocks of the mountain chains of Pindos accompanied with geological changes gave rise to these deltaic cones.

The beautiful rock formation has always grabbed the attention of thousands of visitors but the question remains, why are the description of the rock formation are absent from any ancient Greek descriptions of the area. Some historians believe that these rocks were linked to Zeus’ thunderbolt and were considered so sacred that they couldn’t be spoken of directly.

Historians predicted that the first structure was a monastery which was built in around 900. After the end of Byzantium period some more monasteries were built. Monks took refuge here during the Turkish Occupation.

There are over sixty peaks; tallest among them is about a half-mile high. The beautiful eye catching view fascinates tourists, geologists and historians all over the world.

meteora stone forest

Meteora Greece forest

Meteora Inland Greece


Meteora Greece stone forest

Meteora Greece

stone forest Meteora Greece





Meteora Stone Forest Inland Greece

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