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Leaf House by Mareines and Patalano – Angra dos Reis, Brazil

Leaf House private pier
Leaf House Private Pier
© Leonardo Finotti

The Leaf House, a marvelous piece of architecture designed by Mareines + Patalano Arquitetura (Architecture Company in Brazil) and is located in Angra dos Reis, close to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The design is quite unique as its inspiration is Indo-Brazilian in nature and this structure is built to neutralize the hot and humid weather of the area it is built in.

leaf house top
© Leonardo Finotti

This beach home known as The Leaf House is actually covered by a giant roof which is in the shape of various leaves. These leaves cover the enclosed portion of the house and keep it cool.

Leaf House interior
Leaf House Interior
© Leonardo Finotti

No corridors are made and inside and outside of the house are fused together. Sliding doors are used those are glazed in order to allow the sea breeze inside the house.

leaf house living and dining
Living & Dining Area
© Leonardo Finotti

Swimming pool is curvy in shape and it snakes into the house and while it passes below the dining room it converts into a pond having fishes and aquatic plants in it. It extends to the rear “veranda”. Veranda is the resting space having 5 of the Brazilian Indian style hammocks and this space is called “Brazilian Lounge” by the constructors of the house.

leaf house roof
Leaf House Roof
© Leonardo Finotti

The leaf like structure of the roof is made of composite reforestation wood (Eucalyptus) which is capable of covering big areas as in this case 20 meters is the biggest one here and it is quite delicate and soft to the aesthetics. The roof is covered with small reforestation wooden tiles (Pinus Taeda) that has adapted beautifully to the complex surface of the roof. Rain water is also collected through the steel column placed in the center. This water is to be reused in gardening and toilet.

Leaf House by Mareines and Patalano
© Leonardo Finotti
front leaf house
Leaf House Front
© Leonardo Finotti
leaf house Brazil
© Leonardo Finotti
Leaf House ceiling
Leaf House Ceiling
© Leonardo Finotti
Leaf House movie room
Leaf House Movie Room
© Leonardo Finotti
Leaf House pool area
Pool Area
© Leonardo Finotti
Leaf House Staircase
Leaf House Staircase
© Leonardo Finotti
leaf house dining at night
Living Area at Night
© Leonardo Finotti
leaf house dining
Leaf House Dining
© Leonardo Finotti
Leaf House living area
Living Area
© Leonardo Finotti
leaf house bathroom
Leaf House Bathroom
© Leonardo Finotti
leaf house master bedroom
Master Bedroom
© Leonardo Finotti
leaf house kitchen window
Kitchen Window
© Leonardo Finotti
leaf house kitchen
Kitchen View
© Leonardo Finotti
leaf house massage room
Massage Room
© Leonardo Finotti
leaf house
Leaf House
© Leonardo Finotti

Leaf House Model & Project map

Leaf-House Project Map Leaf-House Project Map

Project: Leaf House

Location: Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Design date: 2006/2007

Completion date: 2008

Site area: 40.000,00 m²

Built area: 800,00 m²

Typology: House

Architect: Mareines + Patalano Arquitetura

Team members: Ivo Mareines, Rafael Patalano, Paula Costa, Flávia Lima, Rafael Pretti

Construction: Laer Engenharia

Light design: Airton Pimenta

Landscape design: Marita Adania

Interior Design: Mareines + Patalano Arquitetura


  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing: Laer engenharia
  • Steel structure: Abilitá projetos
  • Laminated wood structure: Andreas Hösch


  • Laminated wood: Esmara estruturas de madeira
  • Windows: Eurocentro
  • Copper: Didine


  • Mareines + Patalano Arquitetura
  • Llussá marcenaria
  • Carlos Mota
  • Tora Brasil
  • Pedro Useche
  • Magis

  • 3
  • 29

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