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Cool coffee cup art

Incredible Disposable Coffee Cup Artwork by Cheeming Boey

Most of us throw away disposable paper or styrofoam coffee cup after drinking, but a California-based Malaysian-born artist, animator, and writer Cheeming Boey produced a wide range of awesome foam coffee cup designs. He started drawing perfect cartoon-ish sketches, a series of playful illustrations, impressive portraits and Japanese woodblock art. He also drew his daily webcomic I Am Boey, and the autobiographical graphic novel When I Was A Kid.

Boey was practicing it since 2006 with a black Sharpie pen and from 2009 on wards he has posted his artwork and frequently updated his album on Flickr entitled Coffee Cups. During the drawing process, he keeps paper handy nearby to sketch out ideas before committing them to the final cup design. Till today, there are over 363-photos showing the final results, process shots and 360 degree nature of some of the pieces.

In the beginning, Boey’s friend made a discouraging remark that “No one’s gonna buy that crap.” Boey accepted the challenge and proved his friend wrong. Boey has sold his fragile, disposable art on his Etsy shop or through his website for almost a decade now. Some are priced as high as $1,250. Boey says, “The difference between a dream and reality is just doing it. If you want to get something done, or if you have a dream, don’t wait. Just go for it.”

Check out the amazing art.

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