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Anamorphic Portrait snow white

Anamorphic Portraits by Bernard Pras from Unusual Materials

Nowadays artists have left traditional art in their work but are focusing on designs using many other different things. Such innovation is also happening in portraits design, which is much appreciated in the interested community. Born in 1952, in the south-west of France, artist Bernard Pras has converted usual portraits to Anamorphic Portraits with the help of many unusual materials. A graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse in 1974, starting from a photograph,  the talented artist has created these anamorphic portraits using many different toys, tools, pieces of rubber and many other items of daily usage. It cannot be said that the materials have been deliberately used, as no portrait lacked anything but looked extremely lively. Another amazing thing is that these anamorphic portraits can take up entire rooms.

1. Room-Sized Anamorphic Portraits of Sotigui Kouyate

anamorphic art sotigui kouyate

sotigui kouyate anamorphic portraits

anamorphic portrait sotigui kouyate


2. Albert Einstein

anamorphic portrait einstein-bernard-pras


3. Salvador Dali

Anamorphic art salvador dali

Anamorphic Portrait salvador dali

salvador-dali Anamorphic Portrait


4. Jean-Michel Basquiat

Anamorphic Portraits Jean-Michel Basquiat

5. Tom Murphy

anamorphic portraits tom murphy

Anamorphic-Portraits-Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy Anamorphic-Portrait


6. Edvard Munch’s Painting “The Scream”

Anamorphic Portrait the scream bernard pras


7. Marilyn Monroe

anamorphic portrait marilyn bernard pras.jpg


8. Aphrodite

Anamorphic Portrait aphrodite


9. Snow White

Anamorphic Portrait snow white


10. Michael Jackson

Anamorphic Portrait Michael -Jackson


11. Van Gogh

Anamorphic Portrait Van Gogh


12. James Bond

Anamorphic Portrait james bond


13. Bob Marley

Anamorphic Portrait bob marley


14. Pinocchio

Anamorphic Portrait pinocchio bernard pras

Anamorphic Portrait Pinocchio


  16. Le Vieil Homme

Anamorphic Portrait Le vieil Homme


17. Geisha

anamorphic portraits Geisha


18. Statue of Liberty

anamorphic portrait statue of liberty


19. Red Cat

anamorphic portrait red cat bernard pras


20. Bruce Lee

anamorphic portrait bruce lee


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