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The Stunning Shanghai Museum of Glass, China.

Shanghai, China has opened up a new tourist attraction which is gaining worldwide popularity. The tourist attraction is a two storey Museum of Glass thus, given the name Shanghai Museum of Glass with the primary purpose to tell people, the history of craft and construction of glass and cherish the history of glass.

Shanghai Museum of Glass has all types of glass works from all era. It covers all the glass works from early stages to the ongoing innovation in glass industry.

Another amazing thing about the Museum of Glass is its architecture, which is urn-shaped. It was actually a glass melting workshop, where glass was melt to bend it into different shapes which has now been transformed into a museum. It has been kept in mind while designing the museum that the old architecture of the glass factory is preserved. This former glass manufacturing site covers a total area of 29,612sqm including thirty existing buildings varying in age and scale. logon developed the entire 20 year strategic development plan renaming the site to G+ Glass Theme Park (Glass, Art, Research and Technology Park). Phase one includes the Shanghai Museum of Glass and a hot glass show covering a total site area of 5,785sqm.

Museum of Glass tourist attraction

Shanghai museum is not the first museum to be opened in China, but Shanghai has hundreds of other kinds of museums where different kinds of art and architectural history are preserved. China is planning to become a center of culture and history and these museums helps to enhance this movement.


Museum of Glass shanghai china

stunning Shanghai Museum of Glass

Museum of Glass China

glassy shanghai museum

glass museum shanghai

glass museum china

Museum of Glass


Museum of Glass Shanghai

Back of Museum of Glass

back plaza glass museum


display museum of glass

Main Exhibition Hall

entrance museum of glass

Exhibition Area

exhibition area Museum of Glass


lobby museum of glass

Exhibition Area

Museum of Glass exhibition area

Stairway to Second Storey

stairway to second storey displays glass museum

Upper Level Display

upper level display museum of glass

Floor Plan

museum of glass floor plan

Floor Plan Level 1

museum of glass floor plan level 1

Exploded Axo

Museum of Glass exploded axo

Architects – Logon Architecture


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