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celebrity fan Herbert Chavez

Craziest Stories of 8 Most Obsessive Celebrity Fans

1. Underwent several plastic surgeries to look like Superman

celebrity fan Herbert Chavez

Herbert Chavez from Philippines changed his whole appearance to look more like the famous Comic book character Superman on the eve of his upcoming movie, Man of Steel. In his goal to personify his favorite superhero in the form of the actor Christopher Reeves, he underwent a variety of surgical procedures besides going under the knife since 1995 to achieve the transformation.

He had admitted to the following procedures which were designed to make him look more like Superman: chin augmentation, rhinoplasty, silicone injections to his lips and thigh implants.

2. Bought Justin Bieber’s water bottle for $624

celebrity fan justin bieber
Emma Philips, a 16-year-old New Zealand girl, got the chance to meet Justin Bieber backstage at a TV studio. After Bieber took a sip of water from a bottle and disliked it, Emma grabbed the bottle and posted it for sale on TradeMe. The bottle sold for 624 US dollars to the parents of a teenager who claims to be crazily in love with Justin Bieber.

3. 15 tattoos dedicated to Miley Cyrus

celebrity fan miley cyrus
Carl McCoid, a 39 year old male from Bridlington, East Yorks has spent over 500 pounds having tributes to the Disney star Miley Cyrus. He claims that she helped him through a divorce and celebrated by getting tattoos of Miley Cyrus all over his body. Carl has been showing off pictures of his Miley Cyrus tributes on social networking sites and is followed around by quite a few people. He now says that Miley Cyrus is his wife.

4. Tweeted Ashley Tisdale 18,888 times

celebrity fan Ashley Tisdale
Ashley Tisdale became very scared because a fan sent her over 19,000 tweets and then showed up at her home. The tweets are described by her as ‘pretty creepy’ and were written as if the two of them have some sort of relationship.

5. Swimming up to Taylor Swift’s Beach Pad

Taylor Swift Beach Pad
On April 15, 2013, an obsessed Taylor Swift fan, a 22-year old male from Chicago, was arrested by the local authorities near the singer’s Rhode Island beach home after described as swimming up to her pad. Around 2 am late night he was caught by police who asked the man what he was doing and he accepted he had just completed a swim to meet Taylor Swift. The man was then arrested for trespassing crime.

6. Changed her name to Mrs. Kanye West

celebrity fan Linda Resa
Last April 2011, Linda Resa legally had her name changed to Mrs. Kanye Resa West to show the singer how much she loved him. She also has Kanye West’s whole body tattooed on her arm and across her behind.

7. Showered a London hotel with 2000 fake calls

celebrity fans justin bieber
Justin Bieber fans made more than 2000 phone calls to the London hotel where he was staying on his visit to Britain; although it cannot be decided whether they were his fans or people who hate him. It was later claimed that due to the deluge of fan calls the hotel was forced to change its phone number.

8. Broke her leg to look like the singer Jessie J.

celebrity fan jessie j
Jessie J was terrified after a crazed teenage fan broke her own leg to look like the singer. The stalker targeted the singer, tracking down her private details and sending her a picture of the injured limb.

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