Friday , 19 January 2018
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The Oasis of Crescent Lake In Dunhuang, China

nature Crescent Lake china

China has been blessed with many natural beauties. The Crescent Lake is also one of them. The lake is also called Yueyaquan in Chinese. This amazing lake is located 6 km south of the city of Dunhuang in Gansu Province, China and possesses a crescent shape. It is said that water of this crescent lake is so pure and clear …

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The Top 5 Deepest Lakes in the World

1. Lake Baikal – Asia – 1,637 m (5,369 ft) Also known as the “blue eye of Siberia”, Lake Baikal is located in Southern Siberia the Russo-Mongolian border. Lake Baikal is the worlds oldest and deepest lake with a depth of 5,336 feet deep. The incredible average depth is around 2,442 feet deep. The lake has so much volume to …

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