Friday , 23 February 2018
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Amazing Antique Meerschaum Pipes

carved pipes meerschaum art

In the Nineteenth Century, artisans in Eastern Europe carved most bizarre meerschaum pipes. Some of these are improbable concoctions and feature bowls made from the heads of historical figures and of literary characters, others depicting nursery rhymes. Over the past 25 years or so, Roy Ricketts, a UK Meerschaum specialist and a great admirer of meerschaum pipes, has assembled a …

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Superb Series of Origami Animals by Marc Fichou

origami lion Marc Fichou

Origami is a traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding. It started around the 17th century and got popular in mid 1900s. Since then, Origami has evolved into Modern art form. American artist Marc Fichou created an amazing set of Origami Animals representing different animals. He took a photograph of each animal and created folds on the print. The final …

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