Friday , 23 February 2018
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Unique Street Art by French Artist Globepainter Julien Seth Malland

French artist Seth Globepainter aka Julien “Seth” Malland is an incredibly talented Parisian street artist who travels around the world and creates unique playful street art and large-scale murals, along the way. Malland creates his works in collaboration with local artists in far flung locales from China to Senegal. Check out his amazing work. Instagram | Facebook 1. Phnom Penh, …

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Amazing Antique Meerschaum Pipes

carved pipes meerschaum art

In the Nineteenth Century, artisans in Eastern Europe carved most bizarre meerschaum pipes. Some of these are improbable concoctions and feature bowls made from the heads of historical figures and of literary characters, others depicting nursery rhymes. Over the past 25 years or so, Roy Ricketts, a UK Meerschaum specialist and a great admirer of meerschaum pipes, has assembled a …

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Superb Series of Origami Animals by Marc Fichou

origami lion Marc Fichou

Origami is a traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding. It started around the 17th century and got popular in mid 1900s. Since then, Origami has evolved into Modern art form. American artist Marc Fichou created an amazing set of Origami Animals representing different animals. He took a photograph of each animal and created folds on the print. The final …

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20+ Ugly, Unusual and Unique Coffee Mugs

Weird coffee mugs

Art and design always attracts people if it contains something catchy and unique. Collecting unique and rare designs of different things is a passion for many people. In the international market, dozens of excellent designs are available for various forms of art. Unique Coffee Mugs having intricate designs on them is still attractive to the eyes of many art appreciators …

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Incredible Disposable Coffee Cup Artwork by Cheeming Boey

Cool coffee cup art

Most of us throw away disposable paper or styrofoam coffee cup after drinking, but a California-based Malaysian-born artist, animator, and writer Cheeming Boey produced a wide range of awesome foam coffee cup designs. He started drawing perfect cartoon-ish sketches, a series of playful illustrations, impressive portraits and Japanese woodblock art. He also drew his daily webcomic I Am Boey, and …

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Anamorphic Portraits by Bernard Pras from Unusual Materials

Anamorphic Portrait snow white

Nowadays artists have left traditional art in their work but are focusing on designs using many other different things. Such innovation is also happening in portraits design, which is much appreciated in the interested community. Born in 1952, in the south-west of France, artist Bernard Pras has converted usual portraits to Anamorphic Portraits with the help of many unusual materials. …

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Beautiful Dresses Made of Food by Yeonju Sung

Fashion sense, now has changed a lot. Nowadays, dresses known as ‘Wearable Foods’ are made, which are beautiful dresses made out of collection of different fruits and vegetables. The first of the dresses made of food were created by the Korean Artist Yeonju Sung who also helped in photographing and advertising them. These dresses may not appeal to many people, …

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10 Fascinating Self-Portraits of Famous Authors

self-portrait learnado-da-vinci

Many forms of self-expression are there of which writing is the best. Authors get into the minds of the readers like no one else. Some of the authors, besides writing great novels, stories or plays have drawn their own portraits. In this article, such self-portraits of some of the most famous authors are discussed. 1. Sylvia Plath, 1951 Sylvia Plath …

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