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The Legend of Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset – England

Glastonbury is a small town in Somerset located in the south of England. It is famous for many legends and myths throughout the history. The name of Glastonbury Abbey holds immense importance in the line of early legends of Britain. Over time, the abbey has become the nucleus of Britain’s legends largely because of its pivotal role in the development …

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Awesome Castles and Fortresses Around the World

neuschwanstein castle germany

Many people who visit castles know that they demand high price tours with gift shops selling overpriced things. However, some of these castles are worth all your troubles and money. In this article we discuss the same. Arg-é Bam, Iran This historic castle is situated in Bam which is in Iran and is considered as the world’s largest adobe structure. …

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40 Photos of Most Beautiful Mosques Around the World

Mosque is the place for worshipping God for all the Muslims where they pray to God five times a day. The mosques are given a great deal of attention in terms of its design and decoration. Many beautiful mosques around the world reflect great designs and the great ability of constructors and the traditional background of the location of mosque. …

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The Stunning Shanghai Museum of Glass, China.

Shanghai, China has opened up a new tourist attraction which is gaining worldwide popularity. The tourist attraction is a two storey Museum of Glass thus, given the name Shanghai Museum of Glass with the primary purpose to tell people, the history of craft and construction of glass and cherish the history of glass. Shanghai Museum of Glass has all types …

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