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Real Madrid Island

8 Most Incredible Artificial or Man-Made Islands

There are several incredible artificial or man-made islands in the world and many more are on their way. They are expensive but in some case they are answer to the growing need for land. Here is the list of 8 amazing man-made islands.

1. Umi-Hotaru (Kisarazu, Japan)

man made islands umihotaru

umihotaru man made islands

Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line is an express-way connecting Kawasaki, Kanagawa and Kisarazu. The Aqua-Tunnel is 9.6 km and starts in Kawasaki and at the connection of the tunnel and the bridge, there is a man-made island called Umi Hotaru literally meaning “sea firefly“.  From Kawasaki, it takes 15 minutes to cross Tokyo Bay including 9.6 km tunnel. At the intersection of bridge is the Umi-hotaru rest area which comprises shops, restaurants, amusement facilities and spectacular views of the entire Tokyo Bay area.

2. Spiral Island (Mexico)

Spiral island Mexico

man-made Spiral island

floating artificial spiral island

Richie Sowa made an island in 1998, using over 250,000 plastic bottles however was destroyed by a hurricane. In late 2007 and 200, he started building, Joyxee Island, another island in the waters of Isla Mujeres to enjoy his life in comfort.

3. Mexcaltitan (Mexico)

Mexcaltitan man-made island

Mexcaltitan man-made islands

Mexcaltitán is a small man-made island-city off the coast in the Mexican state of Nayarit which is now available as a tourist spot. Legend has it that the Aztlan of the Aztecs civilization built it for the need of a home city from which they set out on their pilgrimage that led them to the founding of Tenochtitlan.

4. The World Islands (UAE)

The World Islands UAE

UAE man-made islands

UAE The World Islands

The World Islands project is a development plan of about 300 man-made islands, located about 6 kilometers off the coast of Dubai, UAE, covering an area of about 55 square kilometers. The plan is working under the company Nakheel Properties who opened with the “Royal Island Beach Club” with many luxuries offered to the residents.

5. Khazar Islands (Azerbaijan)

khazar Islands man-made

The Khazar Islands also called the Caspian Islands are 41 artificial islands 25 kilometers south of Baku, Azerbaijan, extending about 11.6 square miles over the Caspian Sea. It was made by the company Avesta which is also constructing houses for a million residents and 150 schools, 50 hospitals and daycare centers, numerous parks, shopping malls, cultural centers, university campuses, a Formula 1 quality racetrack and the Azerbaijan Tower, which is expected to be the tallest in the world.

6. No Man’s Land Fort (Britain)

No Man's Land Fort artificial island

No Man's Land Fort man-made island

No Man's Land Fort island

No Man’s Land Fort is located off the coast of Britain and is called due the reason that it has a forbidding exterior with its towering armor-plated granite and steel walls. It was originally built to defend against the French navy, but is now upgraded to a luxury hotel with 21 rooms, two helipads and a heated indoor swimming pool.

7. Orsos Island (Austria)

floating man-made islands orsos

man-made island orsos

floating orsos island

island orsos

orsos island

An Austrian firm has developed a man-made floating island along with two small diesel engines to move around the sea for having different views. It is oval-shaped and has been designed to combine the facility of movement of a yacht, along with the comfort of a house, making it a luxurious home for any family.

8. Real Madrid Island (UAE)

Real Madrid Island

real madrid man-made island

Real Madrid resort Island



In 2012, Spanish soccer super-team Real Madrid planned to construct a 1 billion US dollars’ worth luxury resort in the United Arab Emirates and to ensure the idea of true uniqueness, it plans to construct an archipelago of artificial islands upon which it will be located, planned to be opened up by the year 2015. It is not only a resort but a theme park too for football fans which is including hotels, luxury villas, a 10,000-seat football stadium and a hi-tech museum devoted to the history of the Real Madrid team.

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